Good vision leads to good brain function because your eye health is connected with your brain health. Too much pressure and increase of screen time welcome eye issues and even loss of vision if not treated at the right time. Eye diseases can be cured by involving in innovative treatment procedures and regular eye checkup. Shaurya eye centre is considered to be a leading eye hospital in Siliguri that contribute towards the improvement of the eyesight. Your eyesight is indeed the most important sense in the body that helps you to communicate with the things and leading a better life ahead. Some of the common eye diseases like cataracts and glaucoma might cause vision loss or blindness in the long run.

Solve your Eye problem with Eye Care Hospital in Siliguri

Visiting an eye centre is beneficial for identifying the issues and other diseases like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, brain tumours, muscular degeneration, and so on. Visiting the centre will help you protect the eyes by knowing more about the symptoms, causes, and ways to find the solution to the problem. Innovative and advanced treatments in our centre reduce the time of surgery and allow fast recovery in comparison to older methods. Finding the right centre is always important to maintain the safety of your eyes. Even common eye infections can lead to a major eye disease due to negligence from your end. So, it is important to care about your vision for a better quality of life.

Our Innovative Eye Care Services

Phacoemulsification for Cataracts

Phacoemulsification for Cataracts at Eye Hospital in Siliguri

A cataract is one of the most common eye diseases where the person notices slight cloudiness and blurry vision during the first stage which affect the small lens inside the eyes. In such condition, the eye fails to focus the light on the retina and the vision becomes cloudier. Phacoemulsification is an innovative cataract surgery where an ultrasonic device is used to remove the cloudy lens from the eyes. The device breaks up the lens and then remove the layer to improve the vision. Our centre helps you to restore the vision through such surgical procedure where the patient experience improvement along with the guidance from the eye specialist. It is advised to quit smoking and direct exposure to sunlight without protection after the surgery. Cataracts might occur anytime and can be treated by choosing the right eye centre.

Glaucoma Treatment

Contact best Eye Hospital in Siliguri for Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is one of the common diseases where the fluid pressure inside the eyes rises and create pressure while focusing on an object. The earlier symptoms of Glaucoma is not so painful and people become careless in using eye drops and going for effective treatment. Such negligence might cause serious eye issues and even loss of vision. Our centre provides treatment for Glaucoma through advanced surgery, laser treatment and medication. During the initial stage, eye drops are used to control the issue and permanent eye damage. If the person feels uncomfortable or inconvenient in using the eye drops then alternative therapies are implemented in the process. The eye specialist in our centre recommends eye exercises to reduce the risk caused by Glaucoma. Survey reveals that Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness but can be cured by choosing the right treatment at the right time.

Eye Microsurgery

Eye Microsurgery in best Eye Hospital in Siliguri with affordable prices

The latest development in technology improve the treatment methodologies and gradually giving way to microsurgical interventions. This advanced surgical method makes things more simple and easy. The microscope is used for operation and to detect the issues related to vision correction, glaucoma, treatment of cataracts, and other eye diseases. Such development in the treatment procedure eliminates the traumatic damage and protect the eyes from infections. The surgeon can easily visualize the whole treatment process in the computerized images and get complete control over the process. Microsurgery reduces the risk by maintaining the sensitivity of the eyes. The navigation and automated surgical devices make the process more accurate and effective for surgical intervention.

Shaurya Eye Centre is a trusted eye hospital in Siliguri that maintain the quality of services and give you a chance to protect your eyes from eye damages. Our innovative treatment procedures will make the process more effective and the advice from the experienced eye specialist will open up more scope for improving eye vision and treating eye problems genuinely.