Some Common Eye Infections and Their Treatments

Some Common Eye Infections and Their Treatments


Our eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of our body. A small irritation in the eyes may cause a lot of trouble for an entire day. Therefore it also becomes very necessary to take regular care of our eyes in order to avoid infections and other diseases. In a good eye hospital in Siliguri you will get all the facilities and needed treatments for any kind of eye problem that you are facing. Bacterial infections are quite common in the eyes and thus a proper diagnosis is also very important for it. In order to avoid any further problem you should consult a good eye specialist so that you get a proper treatment.

Here are some common types of infections that may affect your eyes

Acanthamoeba Keratitis

The ones who use contact lenses are more prone to this kind of infections. It is therefore very necessary to maintain the safety tips that are given specifically to the contact lens users. It you are regular contact lens user and even wear it during activities like swimming, you should immediately disinfect the lens after usage. The parasites present in the lens enter the cornea of your eyes causing sight threatening after effects. Although there are various kinds of treatments for this infection, it is always better to have precautions.


Trachoma is related to Chlamydia Trachomatis and can lead to dangerous effects where you can even lose your eyesight. This particular type of infection is spread through the flies and these flies get the bacteria from the unhygienic and unsanitary environments. It causes damage to the tissues of the cornea in severe cases and that might also lead to permanent blindness of an individual. However, proper medicines are offered in the eye hospital in Siliguri that can cure this infection.


One of the most common infections found in the individuals is conjunctivitis or ‘pink eye’. This is a highly contagious disease and the young children mostly fall prey to this. There are various types of conjunctivitis which are mostly fungal or bacterial infections that cause harm to the eyes. Proper medical care and treatment with antibiotics can cure this infection. However, self diagnosis and delayed treatment is going to cause more harm to the eyes.


This is a rare type of infection which can be caused from an eye injury mainly. Many cases of cataract surgery lead to this type of infection inside the eye. However, a proper check up and medicines can heal this too.

Apart from the various treatments doctors in an eye hospital in Siliguri always prescribes the individuals to maintain a proper hygiene so that there are less chances of any kind of infection taking place.

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