How can Coronavirus Spread by Touching the Eye?

How can Coronavirus Spread by Touching the Eye?


The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a sudden havoc in the whole world. The world has seen such a pandemic after ages. It is a highly-contagious disease and can be spread by touching. However, you do need to be scared. With just little preventive measures, you can make sure that you and your family and everyone else refrains from this virus. You must have heard that avoid touching you nose, mouth and eyes when you are outside. Because you might not know where is the microscopic virus. If a person touched their nose and mouth, the droplets can enter their nostrils and lungs and cause respiratory problems (COVID-19 causes difficulties in respiration). But, did this question pop-up into your mind as well, that how are eyes related to the spreading of the infection? One of the best eye doctor in Siliguri explains that why is touching of eye also an avoidable measure in the several precautions of coronavirus.

How can coronavirus spread?

Firstly, let us understand how is this contagious disease affecting people. If an infected persons sneezes and touches a surface, the virus from his/her sneeze or cough can come into their hand and thereby in the surface which they are touching. Now, of another individual is close to them while they are coughing or sneezing, or they touched that surface, and then they touch their nose, mouth or eye, the virus can affect their bodies. Therefore, the understanding of this process helps us in better execution of the prevention.

Symptoms of coronavirus

Once affected, the symptoms show from 2-14 days. The person has high fever which indicated their immune system is fighting against a condition. They develop coughing and shortness of breath. In severe conditions, the patient can develop pneumonia, heart and kidney problems.

So, why to avoid touching the eye? What is the relation?

This is a very common question. The eye doctor in Siliguri explains how the eyes play a role in spreading of the infection.

The virus causes conjunctivitis in the eye. Conjunctivitis is sometimes known to be present when there is an inflammation in the lung. However, it does not completely mean that a person with conjunctivitis has COVID-19.


While the chances are extremely low and there are no such cases as of now, but maintaining precautions is the best way to ensure complete safety.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

All the medical experts and professionals are dealing with the eradication of the current pandemic. You can contribute your bit and save this spreading of coronavirus. It is advised to stay home until its really urgent. In case you need to go out, wear a mask and thoroughly sanitize yourself after coming from outside.

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