Irritation of Eye and Stability of Tear Film

Irritation of Eye and Stability of Tear Film


Eye irritation is one of the most common conditions that a person experiences every once in a while. The eyes are the most exposed organ in your body. Any little external object or substance that comes in contact with the eyes, causes exasperation or irritating sensations. You are likely to ignore the itching and irritations of the eyes and you tend to keep rubbing your eyes. However, did you know, that continuous itching and neglecting those irritations can add on to the problems. According to the best eye doctor in Siliguri, eye irritations are generally a result of the minor external dirt or particles entering the eye but it can sometimes be as a major issue as well. The good news is that the eyes give you immediate signs of a problem. Sometimes it is visual and many times, you can experience a certain kind of pain or feeling that might hinder your normal daily life processes.

What are the possible explanations for the irritation of eye

Starting from major problems to minor infections, eye irritations are often the first symptom indicating concern. Here is a list of a certain issues that a mere irritation can indicate.


There are many allergies like conjunctivitis, inflammation that are usually cured easily within a week on its own. However, recurring conditions can mean that you require immediate attention. Sometimes the problems like allergies also indicate with other problems like nasal tract infections. Therefore, it is the best to see a doctor to avoid any doubts.


The constant itching and exasperation in the eyes most of the times mean that there is some infection. The condition can be minor but if neglected without any proper care can lead to major problems. The infections like pink eye which leads to redness, inflammation and itching is an infection which are caused by dirt or germ particles. Some makeup products also cause eye infections.

Medical ailments

Medical conditions in an individual like Rheumatoid arthritis can lead to the dryness of eyes and itching. This can also result in severe problems if not diagnosed at the right time.

The primary cause- Tear Film

The decrease in the tears or the problems in tear film in the eyes are one of the major reasons for the eye irritations that is known as dry eyes. This is caused as a matter of advanced age or environmental and medical factors.

You can avoid the eye problems

According to the best eye doctor in Siliguri, with proper hygiene, regular spraying of water, avoiding excessive touching, limiting the screen time and regular check up with the doctor, you can prevent these problems.

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