Changing Eyesight with Increasing Age

Changing Eyesight with Increasing Age


We must have noticed the elderly or our own parents/grandparents facing vision related issues. It is the most common condition when it comes with ageing. The eye specialist in Siliguri emphasizes on keeping a check at the eyesight problems as you start ageing. Many people think that it is an inevitable condition. However, with proper care and awareness, you can avoid the vision problems. In the present day with technological advancement, we spend major part of the day in front of screens. Therefore, we need to be extra conscious of the kind of eye care we are sticking with.

What are the common problems in the eye with ageing?

Some medical eye ailments occur due to age. They have proper treatments and cures. Visit the best eye specialist in Siliguri.


The inability to see closer objects and it usually happens after the age of 40. However, it can be affected earlier also.


It is one of the complications of the eye. Glaucoma results in intense pressure and pain inside the eye. It needs immediate attention

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

It causes blurred vision and usually an irreversible condition. However, it can be controlled with proper care and treatments.

Diabetic Retinopathy

It is a condition affecting those with high blood sugar levels. It can lead to problems like blurred or diminished vision.


It is the most common condition in the elderly. A cloudy like area develops in front of the vision causing problems to see. It can be easily treated with medications or surgeries.

What are the changes you notice?

There are some alterations and problems you might notice in your vision and eyes. These might be indications of the arising problems. Persistent eye pain

  • Difficulty seeing the far objects
  • Stress in eyes if working for long
  • Pain in the back of the head, neck and shoulders
  • Decreased tear and dry eyes
  • Colour perception problems


The problems can occur at any age. You must not ignore them. Consult the best eye specialist doctor in Siliguri in case of the above problems.

Taking care at home

Eyes are one of the most important sense organs. You can contribute to healthy eyes and vision by doing some basic and simple steps. The primary one is to keep a check on your lifestyle.

  • Include fruits and green vegetables in your diet
  • Do not stay in front of the screen for long. Take short breaks between work
  • Quit Smoking
  • Get your eyes checked regularly
  • Wear sun-protection glasses in sunny days
  • Protect your eyes from pollution
  • Indulge into yogic exercises in between greenery


Take good care of your vision and see the good things clearly even in your 80s.






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