5 Tips for First-time Contact Lens Wearers-Shaurya Eye Centre

5 Tips for First-time Contact Lens Wearers-Shaurya Eye Centre


Congratulations on getting to wear the first pair of contact lenses. If you are like most of the people then you will also be excited about getting the contact lenses. Also, you will be happy to realize that you do not have to wear glasses anymore after this.

It will be a wonderful time for you, but whenever something new comes, difficulties come along with it. As contact lenses are high medical devices and your eyes are the most sensitive organ of your body, it is important to keep it safe while wearing lenses.

We have some tips for you to follow by which you can wear your contact lenses and stay comfortable.



Tips for the Ones Wearing the Contact Lens for the First Time

Keep Yourself Relaxed:



Many people who wear contact lenses for the first time they worry that they might scratch their eye while putting the lenses or it might get stuck. But nothing of this will happen so you can relax. It is advised to keep your hands clean while inserting or removing it.

Keep Them Clean:

This takes you to the second tip of always keeping your contact lenses clean. If you have the fear that contaminants might enter your eyes then you must keep your lenses clean to protect your eyes from any mishappenings.

Keep them Hydrated:



If you want to wear contact lenses comfortably, the best way is to keep them moist. If you do not hydrate it, then it can irritate your eyes and you might scratch them. It gets dried as you use your eyes too much than expected while watching TV or using a computer. So, you should always have contact lens solutions or eye drops to keep your contacts or eyes hydrated.

Follow the Doctor's Recommendations:

After this, you might search for solutions or eye drops in different stores but ask your doctor first. Some contacts work well while some don't. So, it is necessary to consult your optometrist before you buy them.

Follow the Prescribed Schedule:

To ensure that your contact lenses function properly, you must follow the instructions given by the doctor like you should not sleep wearing your lenses and replace them on time. Follow what your doctor has prescribed so that you can avoid the risk of damaging your eyes.

Wearing contact lenses is one of the best ways to improve your eye health. But keep these tips in mind so that you can avoid problems and wear your contact lenses comfortably.

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