Most common eye problems in people

Most common eye problems in people


Eyes are one of the most sensitive organs that we have. Although, we generally forget to take care of our eyes on a regular basis, we should be more careful about them as they are one of the most sensitive organs that we have. Wearing glasses with heavy power has become very common these days. Poor eyesight and unhealthy food habits go hand in hand. Therefore it is kind of necessary to consult an eye specialist for proper health care of your eyes. An eye specialist in Siliguri has a good reputation of dealing with a patient’s concerns and treating them with care.

Some of the most common eye problems faced by people are:


In this world of science and technology, where most of have to work for long hours sitting in front of the computer screens, we face a lot of eye problems. Since the stress is on the eyes, they might pain at times. To avoid such a problem, you should wash your eyes with clean water on a regular interval so that the eyes get some relief.

Red eyes

This problem can be caused due to eyestrain. The blood vessels in the eyes get swollen if there is a lack of proper sleep of injury or a lot of stress put on the eyes. However, red eyes can also be a symptom of another eye infection called conjunctivitis. And if that is the case then you must consult an eye specialist in Siliguri.


When you can’t see the colours red and green or find it difficult to distinguish between different colors, you should definitely consult a doctor, because it might be a case of colorblindness that you are suffering from. This usually happens when the color cells are absent in your eyes or are not functioning properly.


This happens when an individual loses his/her ability to see closer or smaller objects, despite having a good distant vision. Glasses, lenses or LASIK treatments are mostly preferred by the doctors to cure such a problem.

Dry Eyes

This is a state when your eyes might feel a burning sensation or irritation due to the eyes’ natural ability to make tears. This might happen if the blood vessels get dried for some reason. Whatever the factors be, you should consult a good eye specialist in Siliguri for further ailment.

These problems are generally seen on people due loads of stress and tension and heavy work schedules. It is therefore always needed for you to take care of your eyes specifically.


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