Protecting Your Eyes from Smart Gadgets

Protecting Your Eyes from Smart Gadgets


The advanced technologies and smart gadgets have been destroying your vision slowly and steadily. So, you must know about some steps which would help you in protecting your eyes from these electronic devices.

Smart gadgets- the daily use of our life

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It is common to spend your whole day lying on the bed and looking at the smart screens reading emails. Also, sitting in front of the computer screen for eight long hours at work and after returning home you look at your smartphones to check the messages. In other words, using smart screens has become a part and parcel of our life from which we cannot detach ourselves.

But do you know whether these screens are safe or not? Many eye doctors advise that the blue light emitted from these gadgets can be dangerous for the eyes. So, you must take proper steps to protect your eyes from any damage or problem.

Tips to protect your eyes from these gadgets

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Hold it at a distance:

We know that blue light is emitted straight from the display screen which harms our eyes. So, if you hold the device at a distance of a 30-degree angle then you can protect your eyes from getting harmed.

Wearing anti-reflective glasses:

To avoid eye strain or damage, you must wear anti-reflective glasses with a special coating if you are using any gadget for a longer time.

Blink! Blink! :

Make an effort to keep blinking as this will help you in keeping your eyes clean and harmless. Also, you will have a clear vision after each blink.

Lessen the brightness:

To keep your eyes protected you must adjust the brightness of the device you are using so as not to strain your eyes much.

A 20-20-20 rule:

After looking for a long time at the screens, you can try out a rule. You can look away from the screen for 20 minutes; see at an object at a distance of 20 feet, for almost 20 seconds. This will help you from not straining your eyes. Also, you can massage your eyes to relax after seeing the screen for a long time.

Put a screen-filter:

Screen filters are available for every sort of tablet, phones or laptop. These fit easily into the phones or any electronic device without causing any harm to the original display. With this, you can avoid the blue light and not let your eyes get strained.

Get the advantage of ‘comfort view’ settings:

New devices that are being introduced have a 'comfort view' setting. This setting has a unique feature where the sharp screen light is replaced with a less flashy light. Though it does not protect your eyes from blue light but helps you in reducing eye strain by reducing the brightness.

We all know that using these smart gadgets less will surely protect your eyes from every problem. But still, if it does not work out then the tips above shall ensure good eye health.

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