Tips To Reduce Eye Strain For The Workaholics

Tips To Reduce Eye Strain For The Workaholics


In this career-oriented world, where we remain focused towards our goal and strive to achieve brilliance, we sometimes forget that we deserve the right care too. Today, where everything is getting digital, starting from our workspace to personal use, the first and the most affected external organ is our eye. We constantly focus on the screen while working and do not realize that we are unintentionally putting a lot of pressure and strain to the eyes. The rays coming out of our screens are harmful for the eyes with prolonged contact. However, we cannot avoid the screen in this digitalized world. Therefore, there are some tips for keeping your eye problems at place by one of the best eye care hospital in Siliguri.

Symptoms of digital strain in the eye

  • Eye fatigue
  • Stress  in reading
  • Dry eyes
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Eye twitch
  • Red eyes

Steps you can take to reduce the eye strain


Get your eye checked

In case you face the symptoms of digital strain, you must get your eyes checked immediately. The eye care hospital in Siliguri provides a holistic approach towards treatments. There are various screen protection glasses. Consult with the eye expert for proper solutions.

Fix the display

You can adjust the screen’s contrast and brightness according to your convenience. It varies from person to person. If possible, choose a high-resolution machine for you

Take breaks

Take short breaks after every 1 hour. Get up from your chair and stretch yourself a bit. This reduces the neck and shoulder stiffness, which is directly linked to eyestrain.


On the process of working continuously, we often forget to relax. After every 20 minutes rest your eyes for almost 20 seconds and move your sight away from the screen. Do the chair sitting exercises for your neck and eyes at regular intervals. Set alarms and reminders in case you forget.

Do not forget to blink

Maintain a decent distance from the screen and do not stare without blinking at your screen. This increases the tension of your eye cells and facilitates the easy entry of radiations.

Alter the lighting of workstation

If your workplace has fluorescent lights, then consider getting that removed. Avoid working in direct sunlight.

Take care of your posture

While sitting for long hours in the same position, you must take care of your posture. Poor-posture can lead to neck and back pain that can add to your eye stress.

If eye pain and the symptoms persists, it might the time to visit eye care hospital in Siliguri again for further checkups and testing for further complications. The doctor will provide you with advices and treatments for any such case.

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